Sharon Riley Ordu, Ed.D. 

Educator, Author, Leader and Learner

An Enemy Called Average

I read a book many years ago by John L. Mason. It is so profound and has always motivated me to be the best that I can be. The new and expanded version of the book can be found here:

In the book are 50 nuggets; a call to excellence for people in their personal lives. I read this book just as I received my bachelor's degree and it propelled me to seek the highest degree available.
Here are the Alphabet for Success from the Book:
A: Action; B: Belief;
C: Commitment; D: Direction
E: Enthusiasm; F: Faith;
G: Goals; H: Happiness;     
I: Inspiration; J: Judgment;
K: Knowledge; L: Love;
M: Motivation; N: Nonconformity;
O: Obedience;  P: Persistence;
Q: Quality; R: Righteousness;         
S: Steadfastness; T: Thankfulness;
U: Uniqueness; V: Vision;
W: Wisdom; X: (E)xcellence;                   
Y: Yieldedness; and Z: Zeal

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